i-HealthDesk is the story of care and compassion.

We believe we have a better world only if everyone life improves. We can not live happily if there are huge gaps in the quality of life of the people from various cultures, languages and geographical regions. We believe that every life equally deserves to feel live blissfully. We came to start this project because we experienced the suffering of the people firsthand and decided to reduce our fellow human beings suffering to the extent of our capabilities.
We put our mind and limited resources together and here we are…

It is a small step for this purpose but a significant step in mankind happiness.

Our Services

  • Innovation in Care
  • Anywhere and Anytime
  • Online
  • Easy Access
  • Confidential
  • Private
  • Free
  • Online Community
  • Anonymous
  • Evidence-based
  • Online Self-help
  • Confidential
  • Smart Search-engine
  • Reliable Database
  • Professional Support
  • Seeking Support
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